Review: Minisopuru DS806 Hub for Apple M1 M2 multi-display support

Review unit provided by Minisopuru

This review is for those who want to use more than 2 displays with their M1 or M2 Macs.

If you don't already know, Macs with Apple M1 and M2 processors can only support a total of 2 displays. If you're using a Macbook, that means only one external display can be used.

Only the Macs with M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, M2 Pro and M2 Max chips can support more than 2 displays.

To have a M1 or M2 Mac use more than 2 displays, you need a display adapter and software solution. There are actually several options in the market and one of them is the Minisopuru DS806 priced at US $139 at the time of this review.

The bottomline is the Minisopuru DS806 works great and I was able to use 4 displays with this display hub with the laptop charging at the same time. Limitations include the lack of SD card reader, no USB-C video support, support for two 4K @ 30Hz (or 1440P @ 60Hz) and one 1080P 60hz connection.

Things included

In the box, you'll get the following:

  • The display hub
  • Short USB-C to USB-C braided video cable
  • 1.5m long USB-C to USB-C power cable
  • USB-A thumbdrive with Windows, MacOS and Android drivers
  • 65W power adapter with interchangeable plugs
  • Quick start guide and user manual


Design is compact, build quality is solid. The metallic surfaces are matte textured. On the bottom are four rubber feet with good grip.

Ports on the front are USB-C 3.1 gen 2 (10Gbps), USB-A 3.1 gen 2 (10Gbps) and two USB 2 ports.

Ports on the back are USB-C PD (for power input), 2x HDMI 4K 30Hz and 1x HDMI 1080P 60Hz and a 10Gbps ethernet port.

There's one more USB-C port on the side for to connect to the Mac (host).

All the ports are labeled clearly with the resolution and transfer speeds.

That's my M1 Macbook Air connected to 3 external displays. The display hub is connected to my GaN charger so the laptop is being charged.

There's a driver that needs to be installed before the video connection can work. This applies to Windows and MacOS.

The display hub can support two 4K 30Hz + one 1080P 60Hz, or two 1440P 60Hz + 1080P 60Hz displays.

There is no support for 4K 60Hz. I've tested.

Since you can only use HDMI video connection, your external displays must be powered. The Minisopuru display hub was only able to provide enough power via the USB ports for one (not two) of my portable displays. But of course whether your portable display can be powered by the display hub will depend on your display's power requirements.

To test the transfer speeds, I've used the Samsung T7 and WD750 in Orico NVMe enclosure with my fastest cable.

Transfer speed for the SSDs is quite similar. Unfortunately, transfer speeds for both are less than half of the 1GB/s that I can get with the Orico NVMe enclosure.

In other words, the transfer speeds is more of USB 3 instead of USB 3.1 gen 2.


When I restarted my Mac, sometimes the wallpaper for one or two displays will change.


The main selling point with this Minisopuru display hub is to let your M1 or M2 Macs use up to 4 displays with charging provided for the laptop. The main limitation is you can't get 4K 60Hz with external displays. This product is marketed as a display hub so I'm not going deduct points for the lack of SD card slot even though I wish that one was included, and another USB-C port would be so nice.

For Windows users, there's no limit to the number of external displays you can connect. That means there's a much larger variety of display hubs to choose from.

You can decide whether it's worth US $139. All I can say is it works really well.


You can find the Minisopuru DS806 display hub from the Minisopuru online store.


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