Pixar's early movies are going Blu-ray in May 2009

Finding Nemo

Looks like Pixar's early movies are all going to Blu-ray coming May. That's from Toy Story to The Incredibles. This looks like a good excuse for me to finally buy a PlayStation 3, even if I don't have any time to play games.

Animation movies DVDs

Here's the collection of animation movie DVDs I have. It also seems very likely that I'm going to upgrade all of them. My copy of Finding Nemo is a little pixelated to my liking. There are some Dreamworks and Sony Animation movies too.

The only other movies I'm thinking of getting in Blu-ray right now are only Pan's Labyrinth and BBC's Planet Earth. Oh, and Street Fighter 4 (not a movie).

Here's the list of Pixar movies on Blu-ray I've created on Amazon.



Hey, I've gone Blu-Ray a

Hey, I've gone Blu-Ray a while ago (also via the PS3) and yeah, animation looks fantastic on it. I'd recommend, other than those DVDs above, Disney's Sleeping Beauty. It's a truly gorgeous remaster.
As for live action movies, my favourite so far is The Fall by Tarsem. If you want to show off HD to your friends, this is the movie to show them just how pretty it all can be.

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