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Hey Teoh!

Hey Teoh!

If you would recommend top 5 books to get, in order to learn by yourself how to paint and draw realistically, which would they be?

Because I both draw ( graphite & colored pencils) and paint ( watercolour & acrylics) reallisticaly, mostly portraits and figure drawing have I been thinking on buying these 5:
- Colour and Light
- The sciene and practice of drawing
- Anatomy for artist
- 50 small paintings : acrylic
- 50 small paintings : wattercolour

But beacuse I want books as a source of inspiration/ reference but also as a technique book that will teach me a lot ( my weak points are the proportions and the values) so I can be better at drawing, I am not sure if the choice is right. So I decided to try my luck and ask you because of your huge reviews that you’ve done on art books after your opinion.

Thank you!

( I am not a beginner, I would say that I am Intermediate )