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Greetings, everyone! I am an

Greetings, everyone! I am an avid trade paperback collector, having been collecting all sorts of X titles for over fifteen years now, along with a whole bunch of other regular monthly comics. I have always preferred the TPB format over the single issues because of better paper and print quality, and better, more durable construction. I was absolutely thrilled when the digest collections of SFII came out,even more so when I saw the Ultimate Editions. I received the "Dark Ryu" volume I and II Ultimate Editions as Christmas gifts in 2011 from my super-awesome girlfriend. This is where the story literally starts to fall apart. The very first time I carefully opened the first one, the cover came unglued from the book. Exposing the internal gluing of the spine. Note: I am very careful with my TPBs, always making sure not to open them too far to prevent the breaking of the spine. I was extremely surprised to find the at the sections of pages of the book had started separating from the spine glue, only staying attached by the string. I then looked on amazon and other websites such as this one to find out, with much dismay, that I am not alone in this. Is this rare that this happens? Should I seek an exchange knowing that this will not happen again, or am I better off with the smaller versions?