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Back when I bought a Rotring

Back when I bought a Rotring pen (15 years ago), I didn't know about isographs, because here everyone calls technical pens "Rapido". Maybe because it's easier to pronounce.

I bought 4 Rapidographs, and in my country they are rare and very expensive. There wasn't much e-commerce back then, so I had to buy used ones for $15-20 each.

I only realized that I bought the wrong type when I bought the Staedler brand. My Staedler pen is like an isograph, we can disassemble everything down to the tiny needle inside.

This type of pen is much better, to unclog it only takes 10 minutes. While the Rapidograph type, even though it has been soaked in water for several days, is difficult to clean the hardened ink inside the nib.

And we can't check it unless we put ink in it. If it is still clogged, we have to wash it again, and shake the nib continuously. Very tedious.

Honestly I kinda regret buying Rapidograph, better buy Isograph.

Btw, I have a question. Does Rotring ink have an expiration date? I still have one and a half bottles bought 15 years ago.