Where to find urban sketching events around the world

There are many urban sketching events organised around the world in addition to the local sketchwalks or sketchcrawls.

To find out where all the events are held, read the Urban Sketchers Drawing Attention e-zine. There are events and workshops listed. Note that some events are paid events and are not free.

The other place to check for such events is from your local urban sketchers Facebook page.


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Not all groups have a

Not all groups have a Facebook page. Vancouver BC, for example, uses MeetUp! I've always thought it would be best if local groups had an outlet other than Facebook as so many people object to having to have an account. That's why I insist on keeping an "ol fashioned" blog...anyone in the world can see it without having an account.

But the urbansketchers.org page will only list Facebook groups as contact for the listing of world wide groups.

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