Useful iPad Accessories to Get

Guest review by Jose Cua

Hi everyone my name is Jose Cua. I usually write tablets and tablet monitor reviews but this time we’ll change it up with some iPad Pro accessories. I’ve been using the iPad Pro 9.7 for a little over a year now and over that span I’ve come across several accessories that I have used with my device. As with my other reviews these are unbiased regardless of whether they are sponsored or not. And are written in the point of view of an artist.

Casing - Zugu Prodigy X

I’ve tried several iPad cases over the years. From the classic iPad to the iPad Mini, and this case stood out to me among the rest. I’ve been using it for over a year now and this is by far the best one I've tried.

It has a high quality feel to it with the leathery feel (synthetic leather). The magnetic ribs on the outer side, and a logo that makes it feel like a race car. They advertise themselves to using similar materials as Mercedes Benz, and from the feel of the whole case, I don’t doubt that this is a high quality product.

Apart from looking good it does a pretty great job of protecting the iPad without being overly bulky. A soft TPU material protects the tablet from all corners which is great. I’ve used mine for over the year and I’m not very delicate to it (squeezing it in a bag full of things and dropping it occasionally), the case has a few dents here and there but the iPad has has still remained in untouched. It is said to protect your device from 5ft drops even on cement. It's has a sleek yet very grippy texture for it which is great to hold. One downside to the tablet however is the earphone slot maybe too small for some connectors to fit in.

Appearance aside the main reason I bought the case was because of its function. When you flip the case open, the stand attaches to 7 (8 for 10.5, 10 for 12.9) magnetic ribs that hold the device in place. These magnets are very strong, so even when applying pressure on the iPad while drawing they still hold firmly. This is what sets it apart from other cases stands. It won’t fall flat when you rest your hand on it, it really feels like it was meant for drawing. There's also a little pouch in the back where you can place your Apple Pencil.

All in all I highly recommend this case, I’ve never looked back after purchasing this. It looks great, feels great for drawing, and protects my iPad pretty well. This case comes in two versions. The version I am currently using is the 2016 which is now discontinued but you can pick up the new and improved 2017 versions for the iPad Pro 9.7 at $49.99, 10.5 at $59.99, and 12.9 at $69.99. This is a great value for a quality casing that will stay with your iPad throughout its lifespan.

PaperLike Screen Protector

It is no secret that for for any tablet screen, having a matte screen protector significantly improves the drawing experience. It prevents your hand from sticking to the glass surface, it protects against fingerprints, it reduces glare, and it provides a more textured feel to the screen.

PaperLike claims to be the first screen protector that specializes in mimicking the feel of paper when using the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. I got in contact them and they were happy to send me a sample to review. Prior to this I had already been using a generic brand matte screen protector on my iPad Pro so I was able to compare the two.

Installation was pretty standard as compared with any screen protector. The packaging generously comes with two screen protectors, dust absorbers, wipes, and an instruction sheet on how to attach it to your screen.

PaperLike provides two just in case there is an error in the first try. Upon months of using the PaperLike screen protector, it does deliver in giving a very papery feel when writing or drawing (my previous screen protector was textured but it didn’t feel as paper-like). The coarse-grained texture is pretty close to feeling like paper when gliding my hands across the screen as compared to a generic matte screen protector.

When it came to how the pen feels on the screen the “PaperLike” once again had a textured feel to it, however in this case my generic matte screen protector was also able to deliver something close.

Overall I think the PaperLike is a great product. It delivers in what it claims however the hefty price tag of €29.00 will make it difficult for some to justify. Even though you are receiving two screen protectors for that price, it still is a premium compared to competitor products out there. If you aren’t using any screen protectors on your iPad you are going to notice a huge difference in the feel of the screen but if you are already using a matte screen protector, the difference might not be huge enough to warrant an upgrade.

MoKo Apple Pencil Cap Holder

Everyone knows how easily the Apple Pencil cap falls off. Although they are magnetic, they do not stick on very tightly, and there are many stories of people losing them within the first few days of owning the Pencil.

These Moko Pencil cap holders are perfectly designed for securing the cap. The elastic grips keep the cap and lightning adapter secure so you never have to worry about losing them and at only $5.99 this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind of never losing your cap ever.

MoKo Apple Pencil Cap Replacement

This is another neat accessory for the Apple Pencil. It allows the back of the Apple Pencil to work on any touch screen device.

The reason I got this accessory is for this really cool trick in Procreate. Go to Prefs -> Advanced gesture controls -> Touch -> Erase Only

Now the back of your apple pencil is an eraser! For $10.99 you will receive a set of 3 which could be worth it for some who want to use the back of their pencil for other in app functions.

I actually cut my cap holder to to accommodate the new “eraser” cap.

Plus Ergo Grip for Apple Pencil

This is an ergonomically designed grip for the Apple Pencil. This is especially handy for those that have repetitive stress injury, carpal tunnel, or just cramps from gripping the pen too hard when writing or drawing. Its a rubber grip that's twice as wide as the Apple Pencil. They claim that a greater circumference reduces the pressure required to hold the pen de-stressing your hand while you draw. I’ve been using it for months. It takes a couple days to get used to but I feel that it does help in preventing pain when drawing.

At $24.99 price is fairly high compared to other pen grips out there but if you are suffering from any hand injuries and have a career creating art I believe it is a small price to pay. For those that are just looking for a normal grip that might not be as thick, there are also plenty of those available online or you could just buy grips made for normal pencils.


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