Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple (6 July 2014)

Winsor & Newton watercolour, Noodler's Polar Ink, Strathmore 300 Series WC paper, click for a bigger view

Trying some new patterns for the clouds but I think I may have overdone it a bit. I should just take photos of the clouds and practice at home.

It's still a cloudy day today with the sun playing hide and seek. Without shadows, it's quite difficult to make out the form of the buildings. I was facing the shadow side of the buildings.

Today I tried using the Strathmore 300 Series watercolour paper that I bought. Not impressed. I don't like that the grain runs in one direction. The paper is not particularly absorbent but still not too bad. The coldpress surface is has grain that may move the pen tip so that's not too great for precise workers. And I don't like the less-than-black Noodler's Polar ink that I'm using – got to flush it out of my pen soon.

And I got dust blown all over me by some stupid bus exhaust. Thankfully the watercolour is pretty dry so I could just brush off the dirt and dust.


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