Review: Figure Sketching Made Simple by Suhita Shirodkar (Craftsy)

Suhita Shirodkar has a new course on Craftsy and it's one that teaches you how to sketch expressive human figures just like her.

I've been following her blog for a while and it's great to see that she now has a video tutorial that shares her sketching tips.

The course Figure Sketching Made Simple consists of seven lessons, namely:

  • Drawing Verbs - 15 min
  • People in Motion - 11 min
  • Looking for Shapes - 11 min
  • Capturing Dramatic Action - 14 min
  • Drawing Connections - 17 min
  • Creating Compositions - 22 min
  • Bonus - Reference Footage - 17 min

The course runs for a total of 107 minutes but the last lesson is actually reference footage that was used throughout the first six lessons.

The focus of the course is to help you make your human figures more expressive even when they are not. The techniques are about using your own interpretation to make the scene more lively, rather than taking a strict representational approach of replicating exactly what you see.

Each of Suhita's lesson talks about specific techniques to get the lively animated look. There are also tips on how to sketch people who are always moving, In the last lesson, it's a accumulation of all techniques shown. To practice, you can rewind all the reference footage that she uses in the lessons.

I like her loose style of art and vibrant colours that she uses. There's also brief mention on how she uses tones, shadows and watercolours to add to the scene.

This course is for those who want to try a looser or more gestural style to drawing figures, to It's fun. You can use the techniques taught and blend with what you already know to create your own style.

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