Review: Art Advantage Bamboo and Pro Art Wood Brush Boxes

These are the two wooden brush boxes that I bought recently.

On the left is the brand is Pro Art and the right is Art Advantage.

Design of the two boxes are identical. There are two small differences though. The first difference is the metal plate that's fixed to the side of the boxes that show the brand. The other is the material used. Art Advantage's box uses bamboo. In terms of the finishing, both have smooth surfaces, the edges are trimmed well, the parts where the wood comes together are flushed well.

Art Advantage's bamboo brush box is slightly better though because there's a slight gloss to the finishing, and the edges are rounded off. It's the little details that makes Art Advantage's box better.

Just underneath the covers are magnets. When you slide the cover back, the strong magnet will pull the cover in and close it tight. Very nice.

It's quite a big box. The internal dimensions are 23cm length by 9cm wide and 3.5cm deep. So your brushes have to be shorter than 23cm to fit inside. Be careful not to have the brush hair bent against the wall because you won't be able to see them with the cover on.

Actually I bought these to store my stationery. The large boxes can hold quite a lot of items and they feel durable and well built. I'm very satisfied with the purchase. Both are worth the money.

The two brush boxes are quite affordable. The Art Advantage's bamboo box cost a bit more but I prefer this because of the better finishing.

Highly recommended.


Both are available at Amazon

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