Comic Review: Football Nation Vol 1

Football Nation Vol 1 - 01

Football is probably the.most popular sports in the world and there are an avalanche of content on the subject matter. The manga “Football Nation” is one of the many manga focusing on football.

“Football Nation” is in English and published by Shogakukan Asia.

The story unfolds with a mysterious football freelancer named “Joker”-Chihiro Oki playing for “Tokyo Crusade”-an amatuer football club and a coach with a unique training insights into footballers. Add to that, a sports reporter who knows a scoop when she sees one.

The “Joker” is rumoured to be able fill in any position on the field and guarantee to win in whichever team he joins. All these makes for a compelling story plot created and drawn by Yuki Otake.

What caught my eye when I first got the first book was the cover , with a credit for -” Scientific Advisor Hideo Takaoka -Research institute of movement science”. Reading the manga, you will know why. The manga covers a lot of the scientific and technical aspect of football players. The methodology of running in terms of “back thigh running “vs “ front thigh running” on the field and the coach’s need for “players with beautiful legs”!-stronger back thigh muscles for better dynamic moves! One of the chapters even have the coach and the reporter bantering on hamstrings and Psoas major muscles as they watched the team in a match. And how the muscles group usage will help the team to gain an advantage!

This manga is well researched and the artworks look good too.

Definitely will appeal to fans of football particularly-and non football fans alike!


This book has been provided by APD Singapore for this review. ISBN for this book is 9789810907310.

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