Book Review: Swallow Book 4

Swallow 4

Swallow 4 brings together another group of artists showcasing their illustrations, in different mediums and artistic style.

Let me quote Ashley Wood, as he put it,"No bullshit art theory, no long-winded explanations, just great art. simple as that."

Well, there are actually some short interviews for several artists. But otherwise, there's really not much text.

Here's the list of artists:

Swallow Book 4 - 01

Swallow Book 4 - 02

Swallow Book 4 - 03

Swallow Book 4 - 04

Swallow Book 4 - 05

Swallow Book 4 - 06

Swallow Book 4 - 07

Swallow Book 4 - 08

Swallow Book 4 - 09

Swallow Book 4 - 10

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