Book Review: Sorayama: XL - Masterworks Edition

Sorayama: XL - Masterworks Edition - 01

This is quite an incredible book and collection of artworks from Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama. Publisher Edition Skylight had actually published the first edition of the book in 2010 as a 448-page hardcover. With this new edition, a couple more pages of artworks were added.

This is one heck of a tome. Huge, about 9 by 12 inches, hardcover, 464 pages thick. The paper quality and binding are great.

The book's quite heavy so there might be additional weight surcharge depending on your shipping method and where you ship to.

There's not much text so it's basically art throughout. The pages are packed with huge reproductions of Sorayama's beautiful erotic art plus the shiny chrome robots. It's just so awe-inspiring to look at so much high quality art.

Sorayama has a masterly ability to draw beautiful women. Needless to say, many of the images are explicit. There are ladies in their evocative poses as well as scenes of bondage.

The technical prowess as an artist is at full display page after page. The details are amazing such as the way he draws the textures of the skin, clothing, or design of the bondage equipment, how he handles metallic chrome texture, lighting and colouring. The realism is fantastic.

Unfortunately, the artworks are not captioned so there's no way to know when they were created. It will be quite unbelievable to know that he's this good even at the start of his career.

Overall, it's a stunning collection of work from Sorayama. Those who are into erotic art or pin-ups should definitely check out this book.

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