Book Review: Oogely Boogeley 4

Oogeley Boogeley 4

This review will be used for Oogely Boogeley 5 as well.

This is a really cool art book I picked up from Pascal Campion at San Diego Comic Con 2009. It contains some of the beautiful illustrations you see on his blog ( and website (

Collected in this sketchbook is just a small sample of his daily so-called sketches. I love his style, which features cute characters, bright colours and textured brush strokes. Looking at his paintings is like a quick getaway to a world of fun. You should really view those paintings big. They are gorgeous.

This book will probably leave you wanting more when you're on the last page. I hope one day he will compile all his art work and publish them in one thick volume in the future. That will be so awesome.

You can buy this book from and Labyrinth Store. While stocks last. Older sketchbooks are already out of print.

Oogely Boogeley 4 - 01

Oogely Boogeley 4 - 02

Oogely Boogeley 4 - 03

Oogely Boogeley 4 - 04

Oogely Boogeley 4 - 05


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