Book Review: Miss Don't Touch Me

Book Review: Miss Don't Touch Me

Here's the product description from the back cover:

Paris in the thirties. The Butcher of the Dances is on the prowl for young loose women. Blanche works as a maid along with the only family she knows, her sister, fun-loving Agatha. Suddenly, Blanche loses her to what she saw was murder but others only write off as suicide. She decides to take matters into her own hands. In her pursuit, she ends up hired into a luxury house of call-girls. She even becomes quite good at certain lascivious practices while still remaining a virgin! But she also doesn t lose sight of her goal: find the Butcher. A suspenseful spicy tale as only the French could so lightly get away with, yet deceptive in its depth and realism. By the artist of Dungeon Early Years.

The storytelling is pretty good with this one. It flows really well and before I know it, I'm at the end.

Research into how brothels work is done well. All the little details on how things are run, how the girls work in the background provides a very good set for the story.

Since this is a murder mystery, you can expect twist and turns. Ultimately, I like how Blanche doesn't lose herself along the way while looking for her friend's killer. She's got character.

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