Book Review: Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds

John is one of the two lead artists who worked on The Lord of the Rings film. In his latest book Lost Worlds he explores places, mythical or not, that have fascinated people. Some of the places include Eden, Babylon, Troy, Pompeii, Asgard and more — 24 in total.

The hardcover has a circular cutout holding a magnifying plastic — glass would probably break if not handled properly — peeping into a burning Atlantis. Pretty cool idea.

This is a children book — says 3+ on the back cover - or a book you would read to children. It's sort of like a National Geographic magazine covering archaeological stories, except there are more stories on mythology. The writeup isn't that technical and stories are not really long either. The art is not some major new creation but a re-interpretation of the places — think National Geography style art.

This book is recommended to parents with kids, obviously. I didn't realise this is a children book when I bought it. It's not a bad purchase but I'm not the target reader. It's still quite interesting to read.

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