Book Review: Logo Lounge 4

Book Review: Logo Lounge 4

This is one of the slightly more in-depth book on logos.

There are 21 case studies into how different design firms handle their projects. For each design firm, one or two projects are highlighted. The goals, process and execution are explained.

In between these case studies are several pages containing catalogs of logos. Design firms and clients are listed.

While the number of logos in the catalog might not match books dedicated only to logos, this book makes it up for the depth. There's a lot to read and learn.

Logo Lounge 4 - 01

Logo Lounge 4 - 02

Logo Lounge 4 - 03

Logo Lounge 4 - 04

Logo Lounge 4 - 05

Logo Lounge 4 - 06

Logo Lounge 4 - 07

Logo Lounge 4 - 08

Logo Lounge 4 - 09

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