Book Review: Graphis Packaging 9

Book Review: Graphis Packaging 9

This book is a great showcase of packaging design from 2004. It features a high quality of selection. Every design in the book is good. A great catalog in essence.

From the book jacket:

Graphis Packaging 9 The latest and most creative design solutions from around the world are presented in Packaging 9, an international collection of the best 3-D designs. As packaging design becomes more and more integrated into a full circle brand positioning, our selection focuses on the highest standards of execution and innovation. This edition features an interview with vernacular package collector Tamar Cohen, a conversation with Norway VOSS Water founder about the business of bottled water, and an inspiring sampling of innovative materials from the NY Material ConneXion library.

With more than 400 full-color illustrations including close-up shots on the packaging designs, the annual is divided into categories such as food & beverage, promotion, and cosmetics, this edition includes indexes, credits and captions explaining in detail the client's brief and how the designer has responded to it.

Art directors, package designers and marketers should find this book great for reference.

Graphis Packaging 9 - 01

Graphis Packaging 9 - 02

Graphis Packaging 9 - 03

Graphis Packaging 9 - 04

Graphis Packaging 9 - 05

Graphis Packaging 9 - 06

Graphis Packaging 9 - 07

Graphis Packaging 9 - 08

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