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Gorilla Artbook

Gorilla Artfare is an online community of artists who post regularly on their blog. Not the scribbles and rough sketches, but really wonderful illustrations.

It started as a forum called Evil Disco back in 2006, and was turned into a blog in 2008 so that the public could see their work. Wise choice. Now, they have grown to 70 over artists and even have their own book, a large 250-page hardcover art book.

The book's published by CFSL INK, and as usual, the artworks are beautiful printed on good quality paper.

When I found out about the book, it was already sold out on Amazon France. I managed to get my from a third party seller that ships internationally — lucky!

The book is split into a few categories, namely comedy, horror, action, romance, drama, adventure, documentary and artists. It must be hard coming up with the categories because the variety of work showcased on their blog is just too wide — there would be a lot more categories.

The quality of art collected are fantastic. Some are commissioned pieces, many are personal works. It's high standards all around, particularly impressive for personal works. The illustrations here are much more different compared to the Spectrum series of art books. With the bulk being personal works, the artists here aren't constrained by art direction of any clients.

With this book, you don't have to dig deep into the Gorilla Artfare Internet archives to check out the immense talent anymore. Of course on their blog, you're always going to get updated works to admire.

It's a highly recommended book.

You can check out more page previews at

Gorilla Artbook - 01

Gorilla Artbook - 02

Gorilla Artbook - 03

Gorilla Artbook - 04

Gorilla Artbook - 05

Gorilla Artbook - 06

Gorilla Artbook - 07

Gorilla Artbook - 08

Gorilla Artbook - 09

Gorilla Artbook - 10

Gorilla Artbook - 11

Gorilla Artbook - 12

Gorilla Artbook - 13

Gorilla Artbook - 14

Here's their humorous promo video.

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