Book Review: Creative Advertising

Book Review: Creative Advertising

This is a very valuable book for any designers working for advertising. It contains lots of information and tips to creative effective attention grabbing designs.

The book starts by recommending a framework for creative performance. It's purpose is to help designers think different and highlight the things they might have missed. There are many ways to approach designs, this book explores the most effective methods, and explain clearly why they work, and how they can work for anyone.

Throughout the book, there are lots of checklist to help with the creative process. Here's one example of the checklist, which is called the Kickstart Catalogue. It helps to get design thinking instantly.

Kickstart Catalogue
1. The Goal - What needs to be said?
2. Strategy - How should we think about this?
3. Framework - How does the structure of the idea work?
4. Search-fields - Where else could we look for ideas?
5. Point of view - What perspective should we take?
6. Timeline - What time period is involved?
7. Senses - Could the idea be transferred to other senses?
8. Medium - In which other medium would this idea work?
9. Implementation - Does form match content?

The checklists are well explained. There are many examples to show how the checklists are applied to different design projects.

The bulk of the book contains a catalogue of advertising design sorted by concept taken. Some concepts include exaggeration, repetition, spoofs, optical illusions and more. There's also a section dedicated to writing funny copy. As usual, there are checklists, guidelines and examples.

This book provides a very useful arsenal of tools for any designer.

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Book Review: Creative Advertising

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