Book Review: CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集

Cannabis Works

The full title is actually CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集. Tatsuyuki Tanaka is a Japanese animator and manga artist who has worked titles like Akira, Batman: Gotham Knight, etc.

Cannabis Works contains illustrations, sequential comics, storyboards and sketches. Tatsuyuki Tanaka is good at drawing cyber fantasy, weird robots, mechanical stuff and complicated backgrounds. His colour palette is unusually muted with a focus on earthly tones, giving most of the illustrations an aged and, sometimes, eerie otherworldly effect.

Every single piece of art in the book is new to me. I've never seen any of his work before and this book is an eye opener. There are plenty of storyboard sketches which look like they are created for animation, but no titles come to my mind. I'm missing out on a lot of good stuff.

I've nothing much to add other than it's well worth my money, especially for the sketches.

To read more about Tatsuyuki Tanaka, check out And on, they have scanned every page of the book. And of course I'll ask you to support to author by getting the book if you like it.

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CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 01

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 02

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 03

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 04

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 05

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 06

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 07

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 08

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 09

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 10

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 11

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 12

CANNABIS WORKS—田中達之作品集 - 13

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My friend has this book. His

My friend has this book. His friend bought it when they went to Japan. His work is so twisted, yet beautifully designed. I really like this type of manga. It's not super polished and there are no bubbly eyes.

Another Japanese art book worth checking out, and I'm not sure if you've reviewed it yet, is 'Orange' by Koji Morimoto.

Great site by the way. I'll buy this book through your link when I've got some time to figure out the Japanese.


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