Book Review: Asterios Polyp

Book Review: Asterios Polyp

Asterios Polyp is a major depart in style compared to the other works David Mazzucchelli is famous for, such his work on Dare Devil and Batman: Year One.

Asterios Polyp is a strange person. Even he's an architect, his designs were never built. He's also a professor, author and husband to an eccentric lady.

The story here is about a phase of his life after his house got burned by a lightning bolt. The storytelling is fluid but the character seems to be a bit distant. Somehow I just can't describe what his personality nor do I know his motivation in life. Is this a case of mid-life crisis? I don't think multiple readings will help.

The visual narrative is very unique here. Colours used are predomintly purple, blue and yellow. Occasionally, it will break into visualisation, like drawing Asterio Polyp using just cylinders and drawing his wife in hatches. The creative use of panels and symbolism is really refreshing and not seen before in other comics.

Readers should approach this book with an open mind. Expect the unexpected, and I mean the visual style.

Asterios Polyp - 01

Asterios Polyp - 02

Asterios Polyp - 03

Asterios Polyp - 04

Asterios Polyp - 05

Asterios Polyp - 06

Asterios Polyp - 07

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