Book Review: The Art of Greg Horn

This book is insanely good.

It starts off with a hilarious introduction by Brain Michael Bendis (wiki), who claimed he typed it with his penis.

Greg Horn has work all over the entertainment industry, from movies, computer games and comics. He has drawn Elektra, Emma Frost, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Tomb Raider, Lord of the Rings, the 2004 Olympic Basketball Team and many others I shall not name to make this review short. The impressive list fills a page, well, on page 140.

The detail in the art is amazing. I love how he colours his illustrations. He has a way of making all his characters look glamorous. All his ladies are out-of-the-world sexy and with style.

His work is split into the following categories: comic book art, advertising, independents, magazines and JUDGE. Greg Horn ends the book by talking about his inspiration and selected pieces of work he finds interesting. There's also a short step-by-step tutorial on painting.

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