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This is a preview since I don't have the book. It was published last year.

Book description from Amazon:

Russian-born Vania Zouravliov’s surreally haunting illustrations capture a mixture of innocence, brutality, beauty and decay. Inspired by a diverse range of influences, Vania draws inspiration from sources as seemingly opposite as Russian romantic folklore, Japanese illustration and pop culture. His resulting drawings are elaborately composed and demonstrate the technical brilliance of an old master.

In artworks that often depict beautiful women involved in macabre or erotic scenes, Vania’s intense emotional style evokes a nostalgia rooted in the artist’s Russian background and attributed to the imagery of Russian silent and art house movies. His dark motifs are intricately layered and full of powerful symbolism, often with sadomasochistic references, that are both provocative and sensitive and which represent the vulnerable relationship between innocence and affliction.

As the first monograph on the artist’s work, this publication presents the expansive scope of an exceptional talent. As a prodigy in his homeland, Vania has exhibited internationally since the age of thirteen, and has continued to produce a vast range of work for both commercial clients and as an independent artist.

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