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Paper is arguably the most important material of our civilisation and has continued to serve as a medium for documenting information and ideas. Today, paper is enjoying something of a renaissance among young artists and designers worldwide as an experimental material for design. There is also an insatiable concurrent trend for designing three-dimensional handcrafted objects as documented in the books Tangible, Tactile and Hidden Track.

Papercraft is an extensive and timely survey of innovative art and design work crafted from paper. It explores the astounding possibilities of paper craft in all shapes and sizes – some are playful, whimsical and quick to produce while others are far more intricate and created in painstaking detail. From the most basic techniques including cutting, folding, gluing and collage to the use of cutting-edge technology like embossing and laser cutting, paper and cardboard-crafted works are reaching new artistic heights.

The book gathers the most extraordinary creations from small objects and figures to large-scale art installations and urban interventions as well as three-dimensional graphic sculptures from a vast spectrum of artistic disciplines ranging from character design, urban art, fine art, graphic design, illustration, fashion, animation and film. Adding even more value, this illustrated book also includes a DVD with printable templates for creating your own paper characters and toys as well as a curated selection of the best stop-motion animations.

This book provides a comprehensive insight into the enormous creative potential of this multifaceted material and reveals how paper is firing up the imaginations of today’s designers and artists.

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