Book Review: The Art of Iron Man 2

The Art of Iron Man 2

I'm pleasantly surprised that this book actually comes with a slipcase. The cover art for the slipcase and book are also different from what's shown. The hardcover is very beautiful, smooth matt, and features a painting of Iron Man by Ryan Meinerding, who's still the concept artist for the second movie.

At 224 pages, this book features much more Iron Man designs that the first book, The Art of Iron Man. There's the new Iron Man suit which you can recognise by the triangle RT on the chest, the Suitcase Suit, The War Machine, plenty of drones and Whiplash. There are illustrations, 3D models, screenshots, physical sets.

The Iron Man suit designs are really fantastic. It's more streamline, cooler and just mean at the same time. They are beautifully drawn with lots of details. You can see the different plates, metal shine and even battle damaged suits, which will make you go "Ouch, that must have really hurt." Many of the designs have the high drool factor and deserved to be made into action figures.

If you've watched the trailers, you'll see that Iron Man was surrounded by lots of drones. Well, those drones are also included. There are Army, Navy, Airforce and Marine drones. As if it's not enough, there are Feebles also, which are the mechas designed by other countries. Feebles are really cool because they convey personality of their home countries through the designs. Mecha fans will be delighted.

About a quarter of the book is on the environment and set. And the bulk of that is actually on the Stark Expo, featuring illustrations, miniatures, etc. Right at the back there are some storyboard sequences and more miscellaneous art like the re-designed RT, Stark's cars, labs, and other stuff. Whiplash armor is actually a physical set and there's an impressive photo showing all the parts separately, like LEGO bricks, but in metal.

This book is as good as or even better than the first art book.

Highly recommended.


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The Art of Iron Man 2 - 01

The Art of Iron Man 2 - 02

The Art of Iron Man 2 - 03

The Art of Iron Man 2 - 04

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Just got mail from Amazon that my copy is on the way, I'm so excited!!!
This was a great review, thanx Parka!

This looks so amazing! I cannot wait to get mine!
Thanks Parka!

I was a little disappointed in the page quality, there are several pages that have a different weight ( the fold out pages ) those pages are really nice. I found the other pages to be thin and some what wavy. But the content of the book makes up for that.

Are there any storyboard samples by Genndy Tartakovsky?

Awesome movie, I really love comics, I hope that someday I'll work on this kind on movies... But... Just a little question... They are japanese models? Anime designs? Or there are American designs? I mean, the style of the models, AMERICAN or JAPANESE?

I was excited about the book as soon as i saw your post, but when i actually got it, content was great, though i did wish the color correction or separation was of better quality, the images look dark and somewhat dull, like the luminosity was lost, i understand CMYK prinitng does that but aren't the publishers supposed to do some color correction or somethig? Anyway, i'm looking to get the first movie artbook, supposed to be more concept designs in there.

i think the designs are a mixture of both (although i'm pretty sure the designers are not japanese), japanese and western designers tend to compare each other's work and assimilate what they find practical or functional....

Hi Parka, is it possible to get this book in sg? not from amazon? thanks man, great great i want one now! ^^

Are there at least a few pages on Black Widow?

But the Kinokuniya SG has stock? I checked online and they only have the first book.

Just purchased this from and I can tell you I cannot wait to get it. I am looking foward to looking in this beauty of a book

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