100,000 Youtube Subscriber Milestone Giveaway Contest

This contest is over. Winners will be contacted soon.

Hello! If you're able to see this page, you probably came from my Youtube channel. And if that's the case, thanks for your continued support on my channel.

The previous subscriber giveaway was in May 2017 and I was celebrated the 50,000th subscriber milestone. It's difficult to imagine that there are now twice the number on my channel now. It's just incredible.

To celebrate this amazing moment and milestone, I've prepared this giveaway contest for you.

The prizes are as you see in the photo above. They are the BENU fountain pens that I have reviewed in the past. They were all given to me by BENU for review purposes. As I don't really need so many fountain pens, I'll be giving them to nine lucky winners. These are the specific pen models (from left to right):

  1. Lovely Chameleon
  2. Purple Night Silver
  3. Azure
  4. Mint Chocolate
  5. Silver Galaxy
  6. Bird of Paradise
  7. Island Breeze and pen stand
  8. Luminous Blue and pen stand
  9. Jolly Chameleon

All these prizes are actually contributed indirectly by you, the viewers. Because you guys watch my videos, there are views, sponsors give me products, and I'm able to give away these products as prizes back to the people who made this possible -- you.

These are the two pens stand that will go with Luminous Blue and Island Breeze.


1. You must have commented on one of my videos in the past
You have have posted a comment on a video before.

2. Contact me with the following information
Subject header: 100,000 Subs Giveaway Contest

And leave your Youtube name.

Contact me via https://www.parkablogs.com/contact

**Your email will also be added to my newsletter. I usually send out one newsletter each month, the monthly reviews roundup-type of posts. You can always unsubscribe later.

3. List three prizes that you want to win in order of your preference
I'll pick your preferred prize. I want you to win something you like, rather than win something randomly.

For example, "I want to win prizes #2, #4 and #5".

4. Anyone from anywhere can join

5. Closing date is 15 July 2018, Sunday
Winners will be contacted shortly through the email you provided.

Good luck!



I do not own a fountain Pen

I do not own a fountain Pen but I recall using one in school art class many moons ago. I would love to add this somehow to my art that I currently do now. I think that would be fun... These pens all look amazing. As in my Screen name Is Azuremuse I would like to pick the #3 #7#9 for my choices. I have been following your channel for a few years. I look for you whenever I need honest Review's I do watch your video's often. It's amazing how your channel has blown up over the past 2 yrs. I am so happy for you it's well deserved. You have put in many hours of work. I hope you see you grow even more. Thank you so much for all that you do for us out here.

I absolutely love #7 #9 and

I absolutely love #7 #9 and #8 . I am so excited that you’ve finally hit this milestone. I found your channel about a year ago when I started getting into watercolor and needed some recommendations. I’ve loved you and your videos ever since and I’m always quick to tell my friends how much I enjoy your videos. Keep doin what you’re doin because it makes a lot of people happy

I'm not sure if I have

I'm not sure if I have commented before, but in any event, do not include me if you can, I've used fountain pens and found I did not like them, I prefer the throw away style or watercolor pencil. Thank you

Hi!~ i’m not sure if my

Hi!~ i’m not sure if my comment was already send before but in case of anything i’ll write it again as a plus~ I hope to win #6 #8 or #9, win at least one of those, also i want to mention that we will help you support your channel until end comes congrats for reaching the 100k subs

Hi Teoh! It's Mikki from

Hi Teoh! It's Mikki from Malamik Art. Congrats! I've watched you maintain your site for some time now and have really enjoyed your content. Both inspiring as well as informative.
If I won, I'd take anything! I do like the Azure, #3 but it really doesn't matter to me. These all look amazing. Thank you so much for everything :)

I have been a subscriber to

I have been a subscriber to your channel for several years and have so enjoyed your reviews, tutorials, reporting from Urban Sketching locations, and stories about your life. I would love to win prizes #4, #5, and #6. Thank you and congratulations.

Hi, I am actually just a new

Hi, I am actually just a new subscriber, as I said. I never say that normally because I am so shy, but here on your youtube channel, I thought I should say something because everything you do on your channel speaks to me, and that was right from the beginning, which is not normally the case. It takes some time normally. Thank you for all your reviews, and in general. It helps to find inspiration, and I like the Asian world very much. I am from Germany and Africa. I only would like a pen, but it is no must, I just wanted to let you know how I like your channel. :-) And I mean that honestly, I also draw and sketch but I did not do much drawing on public transport for example lately, because where I live there are only busses and no metro or underground lines. But it is fun, I have seen people do that here in big cities two.
Please go on as you do, and thank you once again for this great channel.
my youtube name is Manuela ;-) (boring, I know...)

Hello Teoh,

Hello Teoh,

thanks again for this awesome giveaway! :) Will you please let us know when you ship the pens we won so we can eagerly expect them in the mail? O:-) Thank you.

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