Review: Escoda Perla vs Barroco Synthetic Brushes

The Perla and Barroco are synthetic brushes made by the Spanish brush manufacturer Escoda.

The thing I don't understand about these two product lines is, the brushes perform so similarly that they are almost indistinguishable. And if their performance are so similar, why is there a need for two product lines?

Both brushes are made with Toray fiber. Perla uses white Toray while the Barroco uses golden Toray.

Other than the difference in hair colour, the other difference is the shape of the brushes available. Perla seems to be available in more shapes which includes the portable collapsible format. Barroco also has a good range but not as many compared to Perla.

Main difference between Perla and Barroco is the latter has a more tapered shape. So if you want a brush that you can paint on the side for more tapered strokes, such as painting long leaves, grass, Barroco is more suitable. Other than that difference, there really isn't much difference in terms of performance between the two.

Synthetic brushes are good for adding details. These are usually the last brushes to use in paintings, well, depends on the type of paintings of course. Usually, you'll start with a large wet brush, maybe a squirrel or a flat, to cover large areas, then a sable or maybe a large synthetic round to do the painting, and finally a synthetic to add details.

Painting with these synthetic brushes feel like drawing with a pen. When using them to paint strokes, it feels like drawing instead.

The hair on Perla and Barroco are considered soft but they have a spring to them that allows the bristles to return to shape after each stroke. Their points won't be as sharp compared to sable brushes of course.

Synthetic brushes don't hold as much water compared to natural hair brushes. This means you have to constantly reload paint. It's challenging to paint large areas or create flat washes with synthetic brushes, unless you get really large ones.

Here I've tried to cover the paper with a flat Barroco brush. The streaking marks are due to the (cellulose) paper. The brush can release paint quite evenly, but you need to work fast to prevent streaking, or use better paper.

Escoda makes quality brushes so you can always count on their brushes. Synthetic brushes like these are usually quite affordable. A size 6 is priced usually at less than US$10. Sable brushes are significantly more expensive.

It may be good to have one or two synthetic brushes along with natural hair brushes. The firmer tip makes it good for adding details or drawing. Perla and Barroco are both good.


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