Minisopuru dock for USB-C monitor (MD808A) review

Review sample provided by Minisopuru

The Minisopuru MS808A is a docking station designed for use with displays that can output power through its USB-C video port. When connected to a laptop with USB-C video port, the Minisopuru dock can transmit video and charge the laptop at the same time, while providing 3 extra 10Gbps ports. This works with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

The price is USD 69 and only purchases above $100 gets free shipping from Minisopuru. This is also currently available on Amazon US for USD 66 with shipping.

There are three limitations:

  • If your monitor's USB-C port doesn't output power, you won't get the most out of this docking station
  • There's USB-C and HDMI video support from the docking station, but you cannot use both at the same time
  • The 10Gbps data transfer is divided according to the number of devices connected

Included in the box is a 30cm USB-C video cable and the docking station. That cable is short so I'm using my own cable (white).

The docking station is made of metal with matte surface. Build quality is solid and the feel is premium.

The three USB-C ports in front have 10Gbps (USB 3.1 gen 2).

I was able to get close to 600 MB/s data transfer speed and that's fast enough for 4K 60FPS video editing.

On the back are these three ports:

  • Host USB-C: For connecting to your computer or laptop
  • USB-C with 10Gbps, DP 1.2 (4K 60Hz) and PD 3.0 100W
  • HDMI 2.0 (4K @ 60Hz)

It is not possible to output video from both USB-C and HDMI. You can only choose one. If you run resolution at 1440P, you can get up to 120Hz refresh rate (tested).

If you use the USB-C video port with your laptop, you can get data transfer, video and charging for your laptop.

In the photo above, the Macbook is connected to the Minisopuru which is connected to the portable display with HDMI.

If you use a monitor without USB-C, and you use HDMI connection. the monitor needs its own power source. If you use a laptop, the Minisopuru dock has to be connected to power in order to charge the laptop.

So if your monitor is just a HDMI monitor, it doesn't make sense to buy this docking station.

If you use a monitor with USB-C with Power Delivery, you can get video transmission and charge the laptop at the same time.


When I connected my Sandisk USB-C SSD thumbdrive, it kept disconnecting. My Samsung T7 external SSD works fine with USB-C connection. The three 10Gbps ports in front provides 4.5W output so that may not be enough to power mechanical spinning hard drives (I don't have any to test).

The product looks good and works well. Just make sure your monitor's USB-C port supports video and can output power before you buy this.



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