How the Fine Art Market is a Scam




Adam is not the first one to

Adam is not the first one to look at this subject. And it's very easy to say that it all just a money scheme. Much more difficult to look at the subject through the prism of art history. Topics of art value and it's price are not the same. When Banksi damaged his painting at the auction, nobody cared what the painting was about, but it;s price got significantly increased. Duchamp's Fountain was ridiculed and called garbage while creating an absolutely new art movement at the same time. Bricks are boring and mundane, so if anyone is able to draw attention to the subject they most definitely deserve to be featured at Tate.

Sadly truth. O al menos es lo

Sadly truth. O al menos es lo que pienso. Me da mucha rabia ir a un museo y ver una huevos en el piso y decir que es arte contemporáneo. Y fuera del museo grandes artistas nuevos o callejeros vendiendo su arte por monedas. Atención! No creo que sea culpa de los artistas, sino de la persona que valúa el arte. Es un tema delicado. Más que nada porque complica y frustra a muchos artistas.

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