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Review: Kuxiu Pencil 10 (Apple Pencil alternative)

Review sample provided by Kuxiu

The Kuxiu Pencil 10 is an Apple Pencil alternative that supports wireless charging, tilt and palm rejection. There is no pressure sensitivity. The price is USD 39.

This pen is compatible with all iPad models that support Apple Pencil 2, e.g. all the iPads with the flat side that support wireless charging except for iPad 10 (2022). This pen provides way more value than the Apple Pencil USB-C which was released in Nov 2023 because it offers the same performance plus wireless charging for less than half the price of what Apple is charging.

The design looks identical to the original Apple Pencil 2 except there's no Apple logo. Build quality is solid. Weight is also similar.

If you look close enough, there's a blue light on the body to let you know the pencil is powered on. The pencil is always powered on and ready to use when you remove it from the side.

The advantage of wireless charging is convenience, and since the pen is always attached by the side, the pen is always fully charged and ready to use.

No pairing is needed to use the pen with compatible iPads. However, it is possible to pair the pen with Bluetooth if you want to see the pen's battery life.

This pen is works great for writing. Writing performance and latency are similar to Apple Pencil 2.

For drawing purposes, just note there is no support for pressure sensitivity. You can tilt the pen to get broader strokes with brushes that support tilt. It is possible to draw thin and thick lines depending on how you hold the pen, but there will be a limitation to the line width you can create. For example, with pressure sensitivity, you can choose a thick brush and still draw thin lines by using minimal pressure. With this pen without pressure, you will have to manually reduce the brush size to draw thinner lines.

This is just one of many Apple Pencil alternatives out there in the market.

If you are interested to buy this, you can get it from Kuxiu online store. This pen is also offered as a free gift with the purchase of selected iPad tablet stands from Kuxiu, and at this time they are the Kuxiu X33 and Kuxiu X36 magnetic clamp arm stand