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Very comprehensive review. I

Very comprehensive review. I appreciate the amount of work Parka has invested in detailing the ins and outs of these tablet devices. I have a Huion Kamvas 13 and a XP Pen Innovator 16. My Kamvas 13 barely has no surface texture left by now, and my Innovator never had much to begin with, and it's screen protector is quite fragile and susceptible to pen scratches, so I stopped using it. I bought felt tips to adapt them, so it would not feel so sterile working on it's surface, but then I realize is just
like an iPad with cheap plastic film with barely no grip at all. Wacoms are way better in this regard. I wanted to buy the next iteration Artist Pro 16, but on their own website, the indicated accuracy for the center and corners were worse than the one for the Innovator. So I wrote them to inquire about it, and they just said it may just be a typo, and that new products have better accuracy in the centers and corners. Still, the information they provide on both products remains as it was, Innovator having better accuracy on their product specifications, but them asking of consumers to assume better accuracy in newer models, despite the contradictions. So I did not buy it. I was having hopes for this one, fell in love with the 14, but waited for the 16 inch one. Then Parka made this amazing evaluation on it, and BAM! yet again, another disappointing, confusing issue with it's line quality pops up. There was new introduced jitter with the implementation of the new X3 pen technology. Seemingly tolerable on their 14 inch model, only to find out how OBVIOUS it is on this beautiful 16 inch iteration. I really want this device, I accept and understand all the compromises they have made on this product. But their lack of transparency is astounding. Am I going to mention this on their product website, and expect they are going to try, AT LEAST, to look into this issue? I doubt it. If they could not correct a pair of in their opinion, "typos", the only thing left is hope. Maybe in another 4 years they will acknowledge and fix this. Meanwhile, I will be checking Parka blogs and his YouTube channel often, because he has integrity and talent. Maybe XP Pen should hire him as beta tester for their products. Imagine how much rounder their products could get to be from an artist perspective.