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@TeohYiChie, Hi I' ve been

@TeohYiChie, Hi I' ve been following your revies for quite some time and I value your opinion.
I'm considering a device for my 15-year-old daughter; she's not a pro artist but she's been using IbisPaint for years for her drawings (she enjoys drawing and she intends to major in architechture after high-school).
My question to you is: right now I have the following otions:
1) iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd gen) Wi-Fi 512GB - U$ 700 - no Apple Pencil included nor the keyboard case;
2) Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 5G 128GB (SPen included; no keyboard case) - U$ 800;
3) Asus or Lenovo 2 in 1 Laptop Intel Core i5 8GB/256GB Intel Iris - 15.6 inches Touchscreen (no pen included) - Windows 11 Home - U$ 800 and last
4)Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 6GB/256GB Wi-Fi - No pen nor keyboard included - U$ 500

Which one would you recommend for a 1st-year high-school student that needs a machine for school activities, projects, and casual gaming (minecraft, roblox) and drawing not professionally? Which one gives more value for the money? She'd like a M1 Macbook Air 8GB/256GB but I cannot afford it right now (U$ 900 a very good condition second-hand one).
I do appreciate your time and thoughts on this and wish you all the best!