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The original pens of Galaxy

The original pens of Galaxy Tab S7 Series tablet computers are not very suitable for painting. They are too small in diameter and light in weight. In addition, the pressure sensor almost reaches the worst level in EMR pens.

The initial activation force (IAF) of s-pen is relatively high, and the initial pressure sensing percentage reaches 18%, Samsung's free s-pen is obviously designed for note taking rather than painting.

If you use painting, it is recommended to buy a third-party zbook x2 pen because it has the best initial activation force (IAF) of 1gram, The percentage value of the initial pressure induction is 0.1%, Has the incomparable writing feeling, Pen performance and feel are closest to Wacom propen2

I summarized the different pen performance between the different UD EMR pens in the TablePCREview forum:

I think wacom EMR pen has more advantages

1:The biggest advantage of Apple pencil is as high as 90% ° The tilt pen has the most sensitive recognition range, and apple provides the best tilt sensor for Apple pencil. Other pen solutions have a maximum of 60 ° The recognition range of tilt pen.

2:First of all, wacom EMR pens don't need batteries to work, which means they can be lighter and thinner. I prefer pens under 13g. The third-party pens with the same generation technology of UD EMR have incredible compatibility. Different pens have different design styles, provide different number of buttons and expand the function of eraser at the end of the pen.
In order to sell Apple pencil additionally, Apple has no open system interface API and qualified third-party Apple pencil substitutes, so it can only use the fixed 21g weight of Apple's official Apple pencil.

3:There is also the cost of the pen. The main components of the apple pencil active capacitance pen are all on the pen, and many microchip sensors are used, so the pen is very expensive. The sales price of Apple pencil is more than $100.
The main cost of wacom EMR is the electromagnetic induction digitizer under the screen, which is borne by the manufacturer. The cost of EMR pen is very low. EMR pens only have coil capacitors and PCB boards, and most devices are supplied with pens. At present, the best UD EMR electromagnetic pen, the additional purchase price is $35-85).

4:Because there is a battery inside the apple pencil, the life of the pen will be affected by the battery cycle. If the environment is extremely low or high temperature, the battery will fail, affecting the charging or pen operation.

5:Wacom EMR nib is thinner than apple pencil nib (the minimum diameter is 0.7mm). It has NIB types such as plastic, rubber, felt and so on. It is very comfortable to write. The apple pencil tip is too big (over 2mm) and very smooth. If you don't use the frosted screen protector that affects the clarity of the screen, it's very difficult to write.

6:Wacom EMR technology does not use capacitive touch screen digitizer to work, even if there is sweat and rain on the screen, the pen can work normally after the touch screen is closed. Apple pencil belongs to active capacitive pen technology. Touch screen digitizer is easy to be disturbed by static electricity, resulting in pen writing failure. In addition, apple pencil had better not stick too thick screen protector film, which will affect the signal strength of capacitive screen and aggravate the ripple line effect of slow diagonal writing jitter.

7:In terms of suspension sensing distance cursor, wacom EMR is the strongest, with a sensing distance of 10 mm, and the tracking speed delay at the highest position of the cursor is also very low (Hover cursor follow function, such as in Photoshop can see the size of the brush, tilt direction and so on is very convenient , iPad OS does not support suspension sensing cursor, no comparison).On the windows system which supports hovering cursor, the tracking response of hovering cursor of wacom AES and Microsoft MPP is not as good as that of wacom EMR。 Wacom EMR scheme relies on the most responsive hovering electromagnetic induction distance, and opens the "lgnore touch input when I'm using my pen" function to obtain the most reliable palm rejection performance.

8:In terms of pressure sense, the wacom 4096 level of ud emr pen is not false, Wacom EMR technology can input almost original handwriting. Pencil relies too much on software algorithm optimization, It feels unnatural to add handwriting prediction algorithms for lower pen latency