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Hi Thanks for the detailed

Hi Thanks for the detailed review.It is nice u covered all the details.I sold my tab S3 to buy tab s4. Only reason is, aspect ratio so i can get some more picture information.
but currently tab s4 is not available in my country and I was looking for something else and then later found ipad pro.
I am not a artist but I will enjoy HDR, 4K and HEVC 10 bit movies mostly. the videos in super amoled in (cinema mode) looks awesome.
i think, i won't get that kind of experience in ipad pro and also as u mentioned, for me biggest challenge is handling files system storage.
i have 2TB harddisk filled with TV shows and movies, so it was easy in android,How about in Ipad pro? as i have never used IOS.
Which device u will suggest considering I am as entertainment/Multimedia user, Mostly I want 4k and HEVC formatted movies need to played.