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Thanks for featuring these!

Thanks for featuring these! I didn't know Taschen had anything in this price range.
The Spiderman and Fantastic Four books are both under $5 USD today at, which is a great deal. There are also similar books for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.
The book is fun to skim. The paper quality is good and the book is very sturdy. I wish the book was maybe 10-20% larger. The pages are very stiff and takes some effort to hold it open. Except for the small introduction, nearly all of the text in the book is in the form of captions for the images. There is a good variety of artwork. The early years are the main focus with a few bits from recent years. I think it would appeal more to grown-ups than to children as it covers some old-fashioned artwork and some fairly dry captions. For me, it's excellent for very casual reading.