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Hi Teoh - I got to know you

Hi Teoh - I got to know you through the Urban Sketcher videos you had made, thank you for all of these informative recommendations!

I would like to get your take on brush selections. (I live in France) I have been using synthetic brushes for a few months, and I would like to get recommendations on an upgrade. I am currently using Winsor & Newton cotman brushes, but the larger round (#6, 10) don't snap back and stay flat after making washes, and had been quite hard to manage with multiple reloads. The smaller rounds (#1, 4)are nice for details, but I also find the tips bend after a while, and sometimes a stray hair sticks out longer at the tip, maying it hard to make precise strokes. The other set I have is a Raphael precision travel set. They hold water better, and also provides nice point, perform nicer than Cotman for me, but perhaps not snappy enough. (I draw in A5 or A6 smaller scale drawings, largely of pets, objects, plants, etc.)

I would prefer to stay with synthetic brushes to be animal-friendly - I have heard both Escoda Versati and DaVinchi Casaneo - how would you compare the stiffness of these 2? And how are these compared to Raphael Karell or Rosemay & Co, if you have experience with them?

I am however still very curious about sable hair brushes - do they really make a huge difference in performance? As I was browsing the website of jackson's art, I found a set of Escoda Optimo, 5 round brushes, for less than 40euros! I saw your other review that optimo is not the best, but for this price, would you recommend it for the value this price provides?

If you feel that it is better to invest in one nice natural hair brush rather than a cheaper set, which would you recommend? I would like to start with a round hat is about 0.25 - 0.35cm diameter small brush for detailing.

Thank you again!
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