Book Review: 1000 Poses in Fashion

1000 Poses in Fashion

This is a wonderful resource of fashion poses, all very well drawn by Chidy Wayne. There are male and female poses. For a set of clothing, there will be several line drawings and one that's watercoloured. The poses are very lively, almost all of them are standing poses.

1000 is a lot of poses. If you need even more poses, Chidy Wayne has another book called Fashion Design Handbook which features fashion poses in exactly the same style. I like the presentation format of this book better because there are a few poses across the two pages and you can get a good idea of how the clothing reacts with the body.

Two other very similar books to this are How to Draw Poses in Fashion and Fashion Design Handbook.


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Hi, Parka. Thank you for the

Hi, Parka.

Thank you for the review of this book.
Right now, I am debating between this book and "How to Draw Poses in Fashion".
On the cover of this "How to Draw Poses in Fashion", the drawings seem to be similar to "1000 Poses in Fashion" even though the authors are different.
Do you have any information about "How to Draw Poses in Fashion"?

Thank you, Parka. One more

Thank you, Parka.

One more question.
Which book has more poses?

BTW you are really awesome, Parka!
I really want to thank you personally for all the information you've put up in this blog.


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