Sketch of Basheer Graphic Books (12 Feb 2015)

This is another one of my submissions for Urban Sketchers Singapore Vol 2.

I still remember the time when my aunt and uncle brought me to Bras Basah Complex, the only place in Singapore with so many bookstores and stationery shops in one location. I was in awe by all the books I saw on the shelf, the stationary supplies and art materials on sale. I was probably still in primary school. I never went back there again after many years when I was much older about that time when I got interested in creating art.

On the fourth floor there's Basheer Graphic Books, a bookstore that I always frequent. It was founded in 1986 and began operations as a door to door salesman offering design books before it opened its first shop ten years later. They carry all sorts of visual books and magazines relating to art, design, photography and architecture. I've been shopping there for years and the staff are always friendly and helpful. They carry lots of beautiful artbooks that I collect. Going into the store is like visiting Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. You'll never know when a new book will appear to surprise you, and won't realise your thinner wallet after you leave the shop.


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