Review: Yiynova MVP10U Pen Display Tablet Monitor

This review is written by Lesleigh.

Hello there, My name is Lesleigh! Pleasure to meet you, this is my review on the MVP10U!

The Yiynova MP10U is a recent purchase of mine and it has been a learning experience so far. I have a lot of experience using Wacom tablets (Intuos and Bamboo) but this one is quite different. I have purchased several graphics tablets over the years and also used off-brand tablets that don’t withstand my use. I love the fact that I can see what I am drawing on my tablet instead of looking up at it compared to screen-less tablets. I am able to do with this tablet what I was doing with the older Lenovo X61 tablet PC that I was using.

The Yiynova MP10U is Windows/Mac compatible. I have been using it on the new Windows 10 technical preview.

The construction of the tablet is sturdy. Its dimensions are 12.8 x 7.6 x 0.7 inches (32.5 x 19.3 x 1.8 cm) ; It weighs at 1.6 pounds (0.72 kg). It's a convenient size to work with.

Be careful of the driver
I had difficulty installing the driver initially, but after installation it works great.

I had to download the software from the website. The disc did not come with the latest driver.

This only happens if you're on the new Windows 10. You have to let Windows 10 install the display driver itself through the update function or it will not let you install tablet drivers.

If you are using the older windows OS , You can install the tablet driver from the disc or from the one downloaded from website.

The disc comes with the Display and Tablet drivers, e.g. DisplayLink Driver and TabletDriver 5.02.

The Yiynova has a Mode Switch Between Digitizer and Monitor. The Monitor mode allows you to draw on it like a screen tablet. The Digitizer mode allows you to use it like a regular graphics tablet where you have to look at your computer screen. The screen turns black like a regular graphics tablet. You can switch between the modes easily with the switch.

The LED monitor is smooth to the touch and has a decent display area to work on. I was impressed with size of the 10.1-inch display area.

The backlight in the monitor does not have a glare as you would think.

The 10.1-inch screen has a resolution of 1024x600(4000 LPI), colors are vivid, clear and beautiful. The colors do not change from different angles. Even from drawing at a comfortable point(3ft to 4ft ), it still has the colors and images very clear to see.

The unit as two micro-USB ports to connect to the computer for the graphics input. It does not have a VGA Input and does not require external power. It is powered by the USB cable, Type A to Mini 5-Pin Type B. The two ports make it easier for the user to choose from either the right or left side. This cable is replaceable if it is lost.

That's the USB to Micro cable, It comes in sets of two, two micro-ports and two USB connectors, though you only need one plugged in at a time to use this tablet if your port is a USB 3.0.

The two micro-ports are from left to right, each side has a wire holder, So you can plug the wire from the left or to the right side of the tablet, using either the left or the right micro-port.

This is the hot key panel with 8 shortcut keys. I use many of the shortcut keys. You can change the Express keys to any other buttons you need to.

The stylus is battery powered and can only be used with this tablet. It's not compatible with any other tablet. It uses one AAA small battery which are provided in the box.

Replacement pens are available for purchase if you lose or break the one you have.

The screen supports 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and I do not have any problems with the pressure so far. It’s been responsive and smooth to the touch. I used to draw on a tablet with fewer levels of pressure sensitivity, so having more levels of pressure sensitivity to work with makes it easier on my wrist, as I can adjust the pressure, to how soft or hard i can press the pen.

I am currently using Clip Studio software. While using Clip, the screen resolution has enough room for me to draw comfortably, and i can draw with my tools and swatches. With Photoshop, depending on your workspace, it might be too cramped to draw with this tablet.


  • It's affordable. For those who use Photoshop, Clip studio, Open Canvas, Krita, etc, this tablet is an alternative to the Wacom if you cannot afford one.
  • It's convenient, small enough to carry around
  • Easy to use without having to have a lot of extra software or attachments.


  • The screen jitters at corners of the screen when using Photoshop 6. This can be easily remedied by adjusting the settings in it. It does take some calibrating with it.
  • Sai users beware! If you do not have the full version of Sai, this tablet might not work for you!
    - There is a workaround but you must have it installed on your PC on the desktop, this tablet uses wintab settings.
    - But if you are a Sai user and want to get it anyway, I recommend getting Clip, as it is just a user friendly! I know of artists who use Sai but they have the full version and the installer and all the Setup files in MISC file.

The Yiynova MVP10U does work with Sai but only with the version or trail of only and with the settings below. The Yiynova MVP10U does not work on Sai 1.1.1.

I've had this tablet for about a month and have gotten used to the pressure and screen. Drawing with it makes my life easier.

I'm still working with it and learning about it.

I recommend getting one if you want a tablet that's small and easy to carry around to work or on the go with your laptop. This is a tablet for those who want something at a decent price.

Check out their other tablets, they are worth a glance if your looking into getting one for a loved one or as a gift!


You can find the Yiynova MVP10U on Amazon at

A newer model, the Yiynova MVP10UHD+IPS, is also available. It has a better resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels. You can check it out at

Check out other graphics tablet reviews at

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