Review: Uni-ball Vision RT VS Vision Elite

Uniball Vision Elite
Uni-ball Vision Elite

Uniball Vision EliteUniball Vision Elite

Uniball Vision EliteUniball Vision Elite
Uni-ball Vision Elite

Both models have very distinct designs and uses different refills. RT uses push button mechanism while ELITE uses cap over the nib. ELITE looks more sleek and smooth than RT.
However, they produce somewhat similar lines of same thickness (0.5) and darkness of black.

The refill for ELITE is unique; it contains the nib and the grip.
This link is for refills of ELITE
There are various designs of the refills.
Number is UB205, model UBR-95

The refill for RT is in this link:
Number is UBR-176N.

Take a look at this sketch below, half is drawn with Vision ELITE and other by Vision RT.

The lines are difficult to tell apart. However, the handling of these pens are different. ELITE is more light in weight and comfortable than RT. ELITE is a lot shorter than RT without the cap. The grip area in RT is larger than ELITE. Both have clips.

The ELITE cap will fit into the end of the pen, push in with some pressure.

Notice the ‘tube’ inside the cap, it closes with pressure suction.

ELITE produces smoother lines than RT (sliding of the nib on the paper). It is easier to make "thin" lines with ELITE than RT. RT has a longer and clear see-through panel than ELITE. Since the smoothness of the lines is the only difference, ELITE is better choice for drawing and writing. There is hardly any difference between the lines both pens makes so the design seperates them apart. I'd go for ELITE because it has more sleek and smooth body. If you are concerned about the lines, you can go for either because they produce very similar lines. Otherwise, the design of Vision ELITE is better.

Here are some sketches made.

All the sketches are done in real life, on location. Done on Daler Rowney, heavy weight paper.


Uni-ball Vision RT direct links on Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES)

Uni-ball Vision Elite direct links on Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES)


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