Review: Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen

The Platinum Plaisir is a budget fountain pen that sells normally under USD $15. It's cheaper than the Lamy Safari which is another very popular entry level fountain pen.

The body is available in seven colours, namely, cream, pink, violet, red, green, blue and black. The nib comes in Fine and Medium.

The body is made of aluminium with an anodized coating of colour. The pen feels very light to hold. Build quality is good. It feels a bit cheap but it is cheap. Can't really complain at that price.

That's the click-on cap. At the bottom is some chrome/silver coloured trimming with a design that's alright, nothing too special.

The steel nib is also plated with a layer of colour which is rather unnecessary as it doesn't make the nib look any more beautiful. I've read in other reviews that the colour will flake in the future.

There's a number "03" on the nib and I wonder what that means. Stroke width? Mine's the Fine nib and it does look like a 0.3.

Here's how it looks all dismantled. You can also pull the nib out of the grip section for a thorough cleaning. The pen is sold with one spare ink cartridge so you'll probably want to get yourself a Platinum converter to use your own ink.

The nib is surprisingly smooth on paper. Lines are consistent as expected. I enjoy drawing with the pen. The nib moves along nicely. Fine nib is good for detail work. There's no skipping. Ink flow is good.

It's a hard nib so there's not flex at all.

I've used the Noodler's Bulletproof ink for the sketches above.


The Platinum Plaisir is a good entry level budget fountain pen. I don't have any major complains except that I don't particularly like the design of the pen. But it's a good performer for the price.


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