Paul Wang's Perasaan Perasan exhibition at The Substation on 12 Oct 2013

My sketching pal Paul Wang will be having an art exhibition at The Substation on 12 Oct 2013, Saturday. It's a watercolour exhibition featuring works inspired by the Peranakan culture. The Substation is at 45 Armenian Street, Singapore.

Exhibition opening hours:
October 12, 3pm to 9pm
October 13, 12pm to 9pm

For readers not in Singapore, below's a preview of the selected works on display. Some are work in progress.

True Blue Peranankan restaurant

True Blue Peranakan restaurant

Truly Blue

True Blue 12

Work-In-Progress at True Blue, Singapore

Work-In-Progress at True Blue (Detail)

True Blue Entrance (Detail)

Tulips & tea pot @ True Blue

Truly Blue #18 - Fruit Basket Truly Blue #17 -  Prosperous Blessings

Truly Blue #27 - Beaded Slippers

True Blue Cuisine

True Blue Cuisine

True Blue 11

True Blue 10 (updated)

Beaded Shoes #1

Mandarin oranges & pineapple tarts.

Truly Blue #31 - Mortars & Pestles

Truly Blue #22 - Sweet Blessings

Truly Blue #28 - Armenian Street

Truly Blue #32 - My favourite booth

Truly Blue #33 - True Blue @ Armenian

Truly Blue #19 - Afternoon Tea


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