Book Preview: SUBSTRATA: Open World Dark Fantasy

Illustrator Paul Richards was inspired by The Art of Darksiders II that he reunited with his fellow artists from Vigil Games to come up with an artbook for themselves called SUBSTRATA.

This 240-page artbook features over 80 top game artists whose works are curated by Paul Richards. The work is top notch as you can see from the preview pages below.

Publisher Udon Entertainment will release the book in July 2014.

Substrata: Open World Dark Fantasy is available for pre-order at Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES | JP)

Darren Bartley

Esben Lash Rasmussen

Helen Rusovich

Justin Albers

Kory Hubbell

Kurt Papstein

Max Gon

Naomi Baker

Nick Southam

Sabin Boykinov

Stephen Oakley

Tham Hoi Mun

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