All my sketches from Urban Sketchers Symposium Singapore 2015

Here are all my sketches from the Urban Sketchers Symposium that was held in Singapore last week 22 - 25 July 2015.

A few of the sketchers had arrived a few days early before the symposium to sketch. We welcomed Liz Steel, Marc Taro Holmes and his wife Laurel.

This is the last minute meeting two days before the big day. Jason Das and Orling Dominguez joined us.

That's Juliette Plisson whom I met during the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Barcelona in 2013. One of the best thing about the symposium is it allows you to catch up with friends from all over the world. Quite a few of the sketchers who I spoke to wanted to come to the symposium just to see the sketchers that they follow online.

Below are some sketches I've drawn days before the symposium with our international sketcher friends. They are drawn in the Wacom Bamboo Paper app. I've to say that drawing digitally can be really addictive because of the convenience. There's no need to wait for the watercolour to dry, and there's no need to scan anything when you're back at home.

That's the Sri Mariamman temple in Chinatown.

Shophouses in Chinatown.

Below are all the sketches from the first day of the symposium, from the early morning meeting with the instructors to the evening reception with international guests.

There are over 300 participants, close to 400, who signed up for the workshops and activities.

These below are from the second day where the workshops officially starts.

Here, I used the techniques taught by Shari Blaukopf which is to pay attention to shapes before colour.

These below are from the third day.

That's Frank Ching's workshop on perspective and composition.

Rob Sketcherman successfully tempted me to buy the Helinox One Chair that he was using.

The last day is arguably the most tiring day. It's probably because of all the walking from the first few days.

You may have noticed that my style is looser than usual. That's because it's really difficult to juggle sketching and making videos. Some part of me just want to sketch, but the other part knows that I'll be able to capture more of the action with the videos. I really wanted to make the videos to share the symposium experience with all those who were unable to come to Singapore or attend the symposium.

That's all for the sketches. If you want to check out the videos I've made, visit


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