20 Sketchers to Follow on Flickr (July 2015)

Fort Worth Stockyards--Marine Creek
James Richards from USA.

Kiff-in in Görli
Omar Jaramillo from Germany.

Lorient - Les 2 bateaux pilotes - 13 05 2015
Gerard Darris from France.

From Blackfriars Bridge 1
James Hobbs from UK.

Santi Sallés Argila

Marion Rivolier from France.

marin71 from Israel.

[Rennes / rue du capitaine dreyfus]
Soizic Desnos

Monterey Fishermans Wharf Pier sm
Pete Scully

Port de Brest
c.didou from France.

Melaka, Christ Church
Asnee from Thailand.

Dagnell Poharsson from France.

Sevilla Swing Festival Master Class
Imma Serrano from Spain.

Café Américo de Sainte-Anne en Guadeloupe
Bruno Molliere from France.

Stadshuset (City hall), Stockholm
Nina Johansson from Sweden.

Gérard Michel from Belgium.

Wayne Bissky

Simone Ridyard

Joan Ramon Farré Burzuri

Allan T Adams

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