Book Review: The Art of Rise of the Guardians

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There are some early stocks for The Art of The Rise of the Guardians at Basheer Graphic bookstore and I borrowed one for this review.

When I first saw the cover, I found it puzzling that an animated movie artbook would have a cover with this much white space. Covers for such books are usually filled with strong colours.

Featured in this 156-page hardcover are gorgeous concept art for the DreamWorks animated film. Rise of the Guardians is based on the children book series The Guardians of Childhood, written by William Joyce, who's also the film's executive producer.

Just printed behind the covers are huge detailed 3D portraits of the six main characters. They are North, Bunny, Tooth, Sandy, Jack Frost and Pitch. The art revolve around them.

Animated films with mythical characters are pretty common but it's always fun to see different interpretation. The character designs are wonderful. All the six are given a slight twist. North, aka Santa Claus, wields two swords and looks more like a warrior. And Bunny looks quite cool with the serious demeanor. My favourites are probably the designs for Sandy and Tooth. There's also much to read with the lengthy commentary on the characters.

Beside character art, there are many beautiful paintings of the magical worlds they live in. Some of the ones I like are from Max Boas, Tim Lamb, Jayee Borcar, Peter Maynez, Felix Yoon, Patrick Hanenberger and Woonyoung Jung. They create much of the environment art of which many are printed big and nice.

Overall, the artbook packs plenty of things to see and read. It's fantastic and highly recommended.

It seems there are two publishers for this book, Titan Books and Insight Editions. Prices for the books might differ depending on where the books are sold.

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This book was borrowed from Basheer Graphic Books for review purposes. You can order the book from them. Check with Basheer on Facebook or visit their website.

Can I speak for the people that are very interested in this book, but have no interest in the movie? Could you just post the video with a SPOILERS warning?

Hi Parka!
Do you know if they´re already for sale at Basheer? Do they deliver to Brazil?
Thanks and keep the great job!

In reply to by Andre (not verified)

I think they do ship to Brazil. Please ask them for the shipping price.

It looks rad ! This one and The Art of Wreck-it Ralph must be my Christmas duo !
The golden universe of the sandman remind me that Del Toro is supervising the production.

Is there any diference between the 2 editions of the book?
Because for the book "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" there were some.

In reply to by Alexia (not verified)

I'm not sure. The difference for "Cloudy" was the extra/missing goodies.

I'll try to find out and I will post something if there is a diference between the two editions!
Thanks for all the reviews you made and will make!!!!!
I have bought a LOT of great bokks thanks to you!!!!!

Incase you were still wondering, the Insight edition has 2 more pages than the Titan edition.

Thank you Brenna for the info!
But too late for me cause I already bought the Titan edition which is really great by the way!!

In reply to by Alexia (not verified)

Yeah I really want to get that book. It looks interesting. It takes so long to ship to Canada from Amazon though, but I'm willing to wait as long as I get it :)

You should buy it on cause it shipped the book everywhere!
I live in France and I don't remember exactly how long it takes, but it was not something outrageous.
Try it and you will see.

Thanks for the suggestion. Free shipping worldwide is always good too haha, but unfortunately they are out of stock for both the books. Hopefully they become in stock soon.

Why is this book out of stock everywhere?! Does anybody know why? I want it so bad :(


you probably won't notice this after this much time but I wonder whether you had any problems with the binding of this book after time. I received a new copy and the glued signatures are barely attached to the spine. I'm not sure if it's worth getting a replacement copy because it might be an individual issue, or other copies face the same problem and I might as well give up on the book altogether.

Thank you for any insight.

In reply to by Anna (not verified)

Unfortunately I no longer have this book so I can't say much about the durability of the binding. You can contact the publisher and see what they say. Or at least let them know so that they can use better binding in the future.

Glue binding coming off the spine is not uncommon, but also not that common.

In reply to by Anna (not verified)

I received this book a week ago (Titan edition), and I found the spine glue in my copy detached too. Specifically, the pages lies completely flat when the book is open, and there is a sticky area of 2-3 millimeters alongside the inner binding, where the glue gave up. The pages are very thick and maybe it wasn't strong enough to support them.

I was wondering to request a replacement but seeing I'm not the only one it's probably a common issue for this publication. Also, mine was the third edition.

Anyway, keep up the good work and have a good day!

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