Book Review: Apple Volume 4

Apple Volume 4

Apple is a Korean comics anthology, a collection of comics and illustrations from some of the top Korean illustrators around.

As usual, there's a great variety of styles, well, actually styles leaning towards manga. But hey, this is a Korean comic anthology. Oh, the quality of art is still as good.

As for the stories, again, not all are continued from the previous volume. Some new stories are introduced in place. I kind of like the one about the warrior princess who turns into a wild boar but that's not continued here, although there's a splash art for that series.

There seems to be more splash art pages in this volume. I counted 110 pages out of this 256-page book. That's more good art to enjoy. Most are character based.

Great addition to the Apple comic anthology series.

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Apple Volume 4 - 01

Apple Volume 4 - 02

Apple Volume 4 - 03

Apple Volume 4 - 04

Apple Volume 4 - 05

Apple Volume 4 - 06

Apple Volume 4 - 07

Apple Volume 4 - 08

Apple Volume 4 - 09

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