Book Review: スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16)

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16) (Ponyo Original Storyboards by Hayao Miyazaki

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (Ponyo Original Storyboards by Hayao Miyazaki

You may have seen some of Hayao Miyazaki's storyboards in The Art of Ponyo. Well, this book is the storyboard for the whole film, all drawn and watercoloured by Miyazaki himself. It's an amazing one man show.

If you've watched the anime, you can compare the boards to see how faithfully his vision is translated. The story is pretty understandable without any dialogue, but I say that with the hindsight of having already watched the anime. The panels are accompanied by his scribbled notes, in Japanese. Storyboard artists might be able to pick up a few tricks.

This is a 552-page paperback housed in a slipcase, about the size of a large palm.

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16) - 01

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16) - 02

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16) - 03

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16) - 04

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16) - 05

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16) - 06

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16) - 07

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16) - 08

スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集 (16) - 09

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