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Book Review: Melange

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It appears that there was an earlier edition of Melange before this. There's a "+32 pages" sticker pasted on the cover for this edition published by Akileos. The book's a 160-page hardcover.

Dean Yeagle is a cartoonist and character designer with background in animation. This book collects his diverse character designs, nude female figure drawings, pin-ups and his Playboy cartoons with some unused roughs.

The art and characters are beautiful. About half the book is on the character Mandy, a playful busty blonde - she's on the cover with her dog. Even the Playboy cartoons are amusing, and I can't say the same for other artists.

It's a great book for those into character designs and pin-up art.

You can check out more work at the Website of Dean Yeagle.

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